March is Microchip Month

March is Microchip Month

Thousands of pets are turned in to local animal shelters every year. Some are adopted; few are recovered by their owners, help us help your pet find its way home.

Identification is the ticket home

Implanting your pet with a microchip is a safe, simple and permanent way to identify your pet in case they get lost.

Once we register your micro-chipped pet in the 24/7 Companion Animal Recovery system; your information is safely stored in a national database until it is needed to reunite you with your pet.


To learn more about microchipping, visit Home Again.


The month of March


Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital


Implantation of a pet identification microchip

How much?:

$32.99 ($17.00 savings)


Included in the fee are the microchip implantation, registration into the 24/7 hotline and a collar tag identifying your pet has a microchip.