Our Team

We all love our own animals like family and we feel it is a privilege that you let us heal and treat your precious family members. Feel free to get to know the team better by reading a little bit about each of us

To provide exceptional support for the needs of others, all team members go through continuing education to grow and excel. Over the years, we have created an environment of sharing where team members are encouraged to bring new ideas forward and improve their individual strengths. The team grows stronger as each of us thrive individually. One person’s triumph is everyone’s triumph. In creating this environment, we have created an exceptional team.

The Doctors

Dr. Steed - Our Team

Jeffrey S Steed, DVM

If you know Jeff, you know he is a graduate of The Ohio State University. He is passionate about everything Ohio State and has dedicated his “man cave” to his collection of about 300 OSU memorabilia. Jeff shares his home with his wife Kathy and their children Jarod & Sophia. Jarod is following in both his parents footsteps and is attending The Ohio State. Jeff purchased MPVH from Dr. Herr & Thompson in 2000, then Leola Veterinary Hospital in 2015.

  • Fact – Completed 50 triathlons.
  • Bucket List – Wants to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco.
  • Slogan – Try to be a good Christian.
  • Quote – “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abe Lincoln
  • Pets – 2 french bulldogs (Mable + Archie), English Lab (Evvy) and 2 cats (Manny + Brutus).

Dr. Nelms - Our Team

Beth L. Nelms, VMD

Beth is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. A native to Manheim Township, Beth volunteered and worked for MPVH while she was in college.  She had come full circle when joining our team in 2012. Beth is a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan and can often be seen wearing her gear on her day off. It seems fitting since she was born on the day the Phillies won the World Series.

  • Fact – Been to over 100 Phillies games.
  • Bucket list – Wants to visit every Major League Baseball park to see the Phillies play.
  • Slogan- Do something good today.
  • Quote – The best things happen unexpectedly.
  • Pets – 2 pugs (Ellie + Rosie) and 2 cats (Ada + Olive).

Jon-Paul Prudente, DVM

A Michigan football fan, Jon-Paul joined our team in 2016 after graduating from Ontario Veterinary College.  Jon-Paul studied Ecology + Evolutionary Biology in college and also has a Masters degree in Genetics. He shares his home with his fiancée Kay, who is a large animal vet. A self-proclaimed lover of Star Wars he also enjoys board games, cooking and spending time at the beach.

  • Fact- Played ice hockey – defense.
  • Slogan-  It’s chaos, be kind.
  • Bucket List – Wants to visit Italy.
  • Quote – All that glitters is not gold.
  • Pets – 2 dogs, Tyrion (Lhasa) + Mormont (Chihuahua,) Rogue the cat, and an albino corn snake named Snow White.

Dr. Morris - Our Team

Jennifer A Morris, V.M.D

Jen, who joined our team in 2014, is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to joining our team, Jen worked in New Jersey & Pittsburgh. Jen has a very competitive nature and was “over the moon” when her beloved Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.  Her house is shared with her husband Christopher and sons Charlie & Calvin. Jen loves spending time in her garden and often supplies the office with overflow.

  • Fact – Lives with 552lbs of dog + She speaks Russian.
  • Slogan – Go Team!
  • Bucket list – Wants to attend an Eagles game at Dallas Stadium.     
  • Quote – If we’re not having fun, why bother.
  • Pets – 6 dogs, 3 great danes, 1 pit bull, 1 labrador retriever and a terrier; and 6 cats (adopted as strays) and 2 bearded dragons.

Dr. Savage - Our Team

Alyssa L. Savage, BVetMed

Alyssa grew up just outside of Reading, PA. She studied English literature while getting her undergraduate degree from Bryn Mawr College. She completed her degree in veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in London. She moved to Lancaster after vet school and loves living in the city. Alyssa likes to cook, read and listen to a ton of podcasts. Alyssa is very excited to be joining the team at MPVH!

  • Fact – She completed her degree in veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in London!
  • Pets – 1 dog Hoagie, a Chihuahua, and 1 cat, Haggis.


Denise - Our Team

Denise Warner, Practice Manager

Originally from Philadelphia, Denise joined our team in 1987. She shares her Lititz home with her husband George, son Cole and 3 cats. Denise’s cats all have musical names, “Carly” Simon, Sargent “Pepper” and Kenny “Chesney”. In the fall she can be found watching football and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. She enjoys spending time with her adult children, Emma & Cole and traveling anywhere that involves a beach and ocean.

Bucket List – Wants to safari in Africa.


Sarah Beatty, CVT + Nurse Supervisor

A devoted fan of Auburn Tigers, you will find Sarah’s dog, Wally, decked out in collar, leash and sweater for football season. Sarah likes to travel and has been to Jerusalem, South East Asia and to 46 of our 50 United States. An avid photographer, on the weekends you might find her and her husband, Simeon, photographing a wedding or taking family photos. Joining our team in 2011, Sarah says the best part of her job is interacting with pets & their people.

Bucket List – Wants to go on a Safari.


Sarah - Our Team

Sarah Dohren, VT

Sarah joined our team in 2004 after moving from Wisconsin. She is a lover of large dogs, living with Splash, a flat coated retriever and Finale, an Irish Wolfhound. On the weekends she can surely be found at a doggy event such as Coursing or Agility. Sarah’s favorite part about her job is seeing the bonds between people and their pets grow. 

Bucket List –  Wants to swim with great white sharks in South Africa.

MaryBeth - Our Team

Mary Beth Whittredge, CVT

Growing up in Rochester, NY, Mary Beth joined our team in 2009 after moving from Arizona to the York area where she is currently living with her husband Ernie, children, cats, and dogs. She loves the animals here at MPVH that she gets to interact with on a daily basis and the opportunity to care for their health.

Favorite Place Visited – Tonto Natural Bridge, AZ or the Redwoods.

Karen - Our Team

Karen Welch, CVT

Joining us in 2011 after graduating from Lehigh Carbon College Karen’s #1 challenge every week is being Dr Steed’s surgery nurse. Karen lives in Manheim with her husband Stephen. In her spare time, she loves to spend time outdoors, playing board games and Karen reads at least 1 book a week. Her favorite vacation spot is the beach, saying “Sunshine is the best medicine”

Bucket List – Wants to travel to New Zealand.


Alyssa Funk, CVT

Alyssa is an avid outdoors woman. She loves spending time with her dogs, Dixie & Ryder and her horses. In the winter she can be found ice skating on her family pond. She joined our team in 2015 and her favorite part of her job is caring for your pets. 

Bucket List – Wants to go sky diving, WOW.

Julie Whaley, CVT

A native of Ohio, Julie joined our team in 2004 until 2013. After a 3 year hiatus she rejoined us in 2016. Her bustling household is filled with her husband, Dave, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 12 fish. She likes spending time outdoors with her family hiking or skiing.  Julie says she likes to come to work everyday because,  “I love the people I work with and the animals & owners I  get to help.”

Bucket List – Wants to travel to Australia.


Client Services

Marie - Our Team

Marie Rose, Client Service Representative

Marie who grew up in Lancaster, now lives in York with her husband and 4 cats, 1 dog and a bunny.  She loves going on bike rides, hiking and spending time with her 3 adult sons. Marie is a coffee enthusiast and her favorite coffee is Choc Full O’Nuts.  When Marie joined us in 2008 her life came full circle when she realized that her father + grandfather built the house directly across the street from MPVH and as a child played there.

Bucket List –  Wants to travel to Fiji.

Kim - Our Team

Kim Roy,  Client Service Representative

Kim joined our team in 2007 after working 20 years in the customer service industry. Kim is our Feline Friendly Practice advocate and a true cat lover. She can often be found wearing “Cat Clogs”. She lives in Lititz with her 2 kitties, Violet & Clawde. Kim is a zealous reader and has been known to read several books in a week.

Food She Cannot Live Without – Diet Pepsi + Dark Chocolate.

Melana - Our Team

Melana Cruz, Client Service Representative

A native of Lancaster County, Melana joined our team in 2013. Sharing her time between Leola + Manheim Pike locations; Melana’s passion and empathy for pets is observable every day. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 kids, reading and writing short stories.

Bucket List – Picking a destination at the airport with no luggage.

Emily Stone, Client Service Representative

With several years experience in the veterinary field, Emily joined our team in 2017. You will see Emily at both our Leola + Manheim Pike locations. She lives in Willow Street with her teenage daughter and “the best cats ever” Dexter + Nugget. Emily says she enjoys her coworkers and helping people help their pets. In her free time she enjoys reading and watching horror films.

Favorite TV Show – The Golden Girls + Seinfeld.

Michelle Resh, Client Service Representative

Michelle joined our team in 2016 with previous veterinary experience. She is versatile and may be found at both our Manheim Pike + Leola locations, working the front desk or in the exam rooms with the doctors. Michelle lives with her parents, brother and her dog Maija. Maija has been the model for several photos on our App notifications. In Michelle’s spare time she is a Colorgard Instructor, likes to bike ride and enjoys the outdoors.

Collects – Snowglobes + seashells.

Cindy Bingeman, Client Service Representative

Cindy joined our team in 2018 with 23 years of previous veterinary experience.  Sharing her home with her husband, grown son and cat named Boxwood; Cindy grew up on a farm, and now lives in Lititz. In her spare time Cindy enjoys hiking, skiing, hunting, and people watching at the beach. Her favorite sports teams are The Philadelphia Eagles & The Dallas Cowboys.

Bucket List – Wants to go sky diving.

Heidi Suydam, Client Service Representative

Heidi, who grew up in Lancaster, joined our practice in 2018 with 4 years previous veterinary experience. Her motto is to “Stay Golden” and she does in her free time by hanging by the pool and relaxing in the sun. She studied art/graphic design in college and enjoys cheering on the Montreal Canadians. Heidi shares her home with her special needs cat named Clawde.

Bucket List –  Wants to travel to Monte Carlo.

Laurin Dickson, Client Service Representative

Laurin currently resides in Washington Boro with her husband, Jeff and five, four-legged housemates. After earning her undergraduate degree from Liberty University, Laurin obtained her Professional Dog Trainer certification through Catch Canine Trainers Academy. She is an active member of Therapy Dog International, where she and her dog, Rosie serve as a certified Pet Therapy team and Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA. On the weekends you can find Laurin and her herders in the ring!


Adam - Our Team

Adam Bailey, Veterinary Assistant

Adam lives in Lititz in the same house that his mother grew up in, and has been a team member since 2003. He is a fan of Mythbuster’s and Star Trek, and can name all the Captains of the Enterprise. Adam enjoys visiting Cape May and would like to try deep sea fishing. Being able to see immediate results with a sick patient is his favorite thing is about working here.

Favorite Music –  Celtic Rock.

Cherie - Our Team

Cherie Hoover, Veterinary Assistant

Since 2006, Cherie has been a member of the MPVH team. She lives with her husband Justin, 2 children, 1 cat, and 2 guinea pigs. Being very creative, Cherie enjoys painting, architecture, vintage décor. Being able to work with people who are like family while doing what she enjoys is what Cherie loves most about the job.

Bucket List – Wants to vacation in Ireland.

Katie - Our Team

Katie Stehman, Veterinary Assistant

A native of Lancaster, Katie joined our team as a veterinary assistant in August 2004. In 2010, Katie took on the role of Nurse Assistant Supervisor. Katie enjoys working with all patients at MPVH, but especially enjoys the visits by ferrets and guinea pigs. Katie enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors and reading with her three young sons.

Brittney - Our Team

Brittany Stipe, Veterinary Assistant

Brittany joined our team in 2010, and finds satisfaction in being able to put clients at ease, reassuring them that their pet is in good hands. Brittany is a Penn State graduate and enjoys riding horses, outdoor activities, and spending time with her 2 sweet daughters. She currently has 4 cats, several of which were rescued as strays brought in the office; Brittany has a big heart for cats and loves getting to meet new pets every day!

Adventurous Moment –  Repelling off a 200 ft. cliff in the southern alps of New Zealand.

Rachael Weaver, Veterinary Assistant

Rachael has been working as an assistant since 2013 but only recently joined MPVH in 2016. She appreciates music, physical fitness (weights and cardio), swimming, and has a goal to travel more. She shares her home with her 2 loveable pets, her cat Charlie and dog Cali.

Coolest Place Visited – Havana, Cuba.

Kay Gildea, Veterinary Assistant

Kay joined the Manheim Pike team in 2018 after years of previous experience. Kay shares her home with her dog (Corky), 4 cats (Colbert, Friday, Cheeks, + Atlas) and a Tortoise (Tortellini). She enjoys painting, disc golf, and thrifting! Kay loves her job because, “helping animals and their owners makes her heart feel full.”

Guilty Pleasure – Sweets!

Leeza, Veterinary Assistant

Leeza joined the Manheim Pike team in 2018. She shares her home with her dogs Sunny, Maggie and Mollie and cat, Stacia. When time resides, you can find Leeza enjoying a yoga class, spending time with her friends, or planning her next trip.

Guilty Pleasure – Ramen Noodles

Preston, Veterinary Assistant

Preston was raised and currently resides in Talmage, PA. He and his wife, Rachel, have one dog (Tally) and one cat (Ichigo). Preston joined the MPVH team in 2018. In his spare time, you can find Preston relaxing with his family or taking and editing photos! Preston and his dog, Tally, are a Pet Therapy team with KEPTS.

Life Slogan – It’s gonna’ be a great day!

Staci Fox, Veterinary Assistant

Staci joined then MPVH team originally in 2013 and then after few years off, retuned in 2018. Staci shares her home with her husband, Taylor and their three pets Bella (cat), Lilah (cattle dog mix) and Nala (bunny). Staci has an adventurous side, enjoying things like skydiving, traveling and nature.

Bucket List – Go to Africa.

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