Small Mammal Care

Owning an small mammal can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it often comes with some uncertainty.  We are happy to see them when they are sick or for a Preventative Care visit. Here are some resources to help get you started right for your new fluffy family member.


Rabbits have always been an attractive pet due to their cute and cuddly reputation and agreeable temperament.   Spaying and neutering is just as important for rabbits as it is for dogs and cats. Rabbits are notorious for producing a lot of offspring in a short amount of time. Spaying or neutering can reduce territorial behavior and make them less likely to bite or kick when handled. When handling a rabbit, always remember to support its back. They can kick very powerfully, and without proper support can hurt themselves.

A quick reference and some good advice before getting a pet bunny.

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Guinea Pigs

While their personalities differ greatly, rabbits and guinea pigs are similar medically. Guinea pigs do tend to react poorly to illness, so should be seen quickly if you suspect they are sick.

Good overall care guide

Interested in some other small furry critter? We are happy to take a look at most species.  Oxbow has some quality care


Rats can be very fun pets, given their curious tendencies and easy maintenance. As they age, female rats develop lumps. They are generally benign and can be removed surgically. Rats also commonly get upper respiratory infections- watch for any sneezing or red discharge from their nose.



Ferrets, while not as popular as the used to be, still make entertaining pets. Almost all ferrets sold as pets are already de-scented and neutered or spayed. They are very inquisitive and explorative. Given their attitudes, they can get intestinal foreign bodies from getting into things they shouldn’t.  They can also develop adrenal tumors, leading to hair loss and increased irritability.

Of course, if you have questions about any of these species or others, we are happy to help!

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